The Lightgliders Mission

Lightgliders was created to encourage faith, character, and service into kids before their teenage years and to be a strategic partner for families and churches worldwide.

Lightgliders seeks to address the following realities:

A Crisis of Belief

The majority of churched teenagers today do not believe that life has purpose or that the Bible is relevant to their lives.

The Critical Younger Years

Fundamental perspectives on truth, morality, and purpose are firmly in place before the age of 13.

The Importance of Parents

Parents feel responsible for imparting faith and values into their children but often feel ill-equipped to do so.

The Need for Conversations

Kids are greatly impacted by meaningful conversations with those who care about them the most.

The Power of a Biblical Worldview

A biblical worldview credibly answers life's most important questions and substantiates positive values.

The Digital Generation

Digital experiences are shaping young lives, as kids are spending more than 5 hours each day in front of their devices.

was created to offer a safe, positive alternative for kids digital screen time that can be used by families, churches, and ministries to encourage conversations and reflection about faith and values.

Lightgliders encourages...

Christian Faith

  • The story of God's love for us as revealed in the Bible 
  • The biblical narrative of creation, rebellion, redemption, and restoration
  • A worldview centered upon and substantiated by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Positive Values

  • Purpose, Humility, Confidence, Hope, and Love
  • An understanding that positive values come from a biblical worldview
  • Reflection upon the principles that guide our decisions and behaviors

Meaningful Conversations

  • Family and group discussions about faith, values, and service to others
  • Opportunities to talk about life's most important questions
  • Good conversations at the dinner table, before bed, and during car rides