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February 12, 2020

The Desktop App is Almost Here

Tomorrow we are releasing the LIGHTGLIDERS desktop app, which will allow you to access Lightgliders without launching a web browser. This will give you and your kids a faster and more seamless Lightgliders experience on the computer.

Immediately upon its release, you will be able to download the desktop app and use it to login to Lightgliders!

More details coming soon. Be on the lookout for another email from us with download instructions.

We are also releasing updates for our mobile app tomorrow. After the updates are released, we'll remind you to make sure you have the latest version of Lightgliders on all your mobile devices!

We will be updating the Lightgliders game and website tonight. If you have trouble logging in, please check back later! It shouldn't take long.

See you in Lightglider Academy!

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February 10, 2020



Hey Lightgliders!

As a Lightglider, you are sent on missions from Lightglider Academy to restore the land of Glideon. To restore means to bring something back to the way it was meant to be. Glideon was not meant to be covered in this dark mysterious substance that we call blight. No, it was meant to be beautiful and full of purpose. When you clear the blight, you are bringing Glideon back to what it was intended to be!

The Scriptures tell us that one day God will fully restore this broken world. This is a day that we all can look forward to with hope. In the meantime, Lightgliders seek to restore the beauty, purpose, joy, and dignity of this world and everyone in it. In doing so, we serve as signposts of what is to come. A signpost is like a great big billboard telling everyone who passes by what they can look forward to. When we carry out deeds of compassion and justice, we give the world a glimpse of what is to come. God’s light shines through us to give the world hope. 

Glide On!


Things to Think About

Read Acts 3:20-21 in the Bible. Where will final restoration come from?

• What does it mean to restore something?

• What are some things in your world that are broken and are in need of restoration?

• What can you do through your words or actions to help?

• What are things that break God’s heart and break your heart?

In-Game Announcements

• Have you decorated your treehouse lately? Login on your desktop computer and spruce it your treehouse!

• Watch the Spark video in green called The Goal to Restore, the Prayer video in orange called Love Cares.

• Compete in this week’s Game of the Week, Gliddle Dodge. Challenge your family members and see who can get the highest score!

• Find Corrigan Hickory Sage at the Academy this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm EST / 5pm CST for a game of Hide ‘N Seek. You’ll get a prize if you find him!

• Nisha’s Emerald Fields game tip: Hello, I’m Nisha! I serve in a lot of places at Lightglider Academy, but I mostly try to help the other leaders handle the blight problem in the Yonders. And this mission is all about restoring the land! The Emerald Fields in the Yonders are usually so beautiful, but they’ve been taken over by blight. My tip for you is to open up enough room in the blight so that you can dodge Machine attacks. The Emerald Fields are home to many green Gliddles, and to use their power correctly, you’ll have to get up close to Machines! Patience is the key to defeating Machines and clearing blight. Remember, if you run out of RES, come back to Lightglider Academy and give out Boosts to recharge! I’ve heard that there’s a Machine that’s very hard to get to… Maybe the fences in this area don’t extend the whole way around the Fields?

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February 3, 2020



Hey Lightgliders!

The three goals of a Lightglider are Respect, Rescue, and Restore. I want to take a moment to talk about Rescue. As Lightgliders, we have the awesome responsibility of going on missions to rescue the Gliddles from danger. We put on armor, glide into the Yonders, and free them from the toxic blight and the control of the Machines. Rescuing others from dangerous situations requires courage and strength of character. Remember that!

Did you know that God is a rescuer? Did you know that He will stop at nothing to rescue us?

If you’ve ever made a truly selfish decision or disobeyed God’s standards in any way, then you need to be rescued. The hard truth is that we all have done this. We all need to be rescued from our sin, which separates us from God, causes pain to others, and destroys our lives. 

God sent Jesus to earth to rescue us from this danger. Jesus lived the perfect life, a life that we are incapable of living. And, when Jesus died on the  cross, He paid the penalty of our sin. He was the perfect sacrifice. When He came back to life three days later, Jesus defeated death for us, so that we can be forgiven and live in a relationship with God forever. 

Through Jesus, God rescues us from sin and death! 

Glide on!


Things to Think About

• Read Galatians 1:3-5 in the Bible. Take a moment to pray, thanking God for rescuing you through His Son, Jesus!

• Why do we need to be rescued?

• How does our sin and selfishness hurt us and those around us?

• How can we be rescued?

• Have you been rescued?

• What are ways to love your friends well?

In-Game Announcements

• BRAND NEW GAME Alert!!  There’s a new Yonders level on the front page - Waterfall Cavern

• Watch the Spark video in green called The Goal to Rescue, the Prayer video in orange called Prayer for Another.

• If you find Lightglider Moderator Gertrude this week, ask her for a prize. She will be in front of the Arcade in the Academy at 4:30pm EST / 3:30pm CST for a Dance Break today, Wednesday, and Thursday! 

• This week’s Mystery Code is RESCUE. Use it in your profile in Lightglider Academy to receive 4 Red Rubies!

• GAME TIP for this week’s 2nd front page game, Bible Code Breaker: Marlon here! Part of my job at Lightglider Academy is to unlock the secrets of the Far Greater Story. You can help me uncover the hidden messages from the Bible by solving the code! My advice is to start small. Figuring out small words like “the,” “and,” “I,” “a,” and “an” will help you on the larger words. Remember, the code is always different from puzzle to puzzle! 

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January 27, 2020



Hey Lightgliders!

The first goal of a Lightglider is to respect. We seek to show respect toward others and toward ourselves. But, how do we do that? What does that even mean? 

When we respect, we are acknowledging worth. You and everyone you meet is worthy of respect because we were created by God and in His image. We show respect in the way we treat people and in the way we treat ourselves. Therefore, we should seek to care about everyone we meet. We should also seek to care for our minds, hearts, and bodies. 

Whether it’s your best friend or someone you don’t get along with very well, choosing to show respect is what Lightgliders strive to do. So, when you’re in Mission Control, the Courtyard, the Library, or the Innovation Lab, look for ways to show respect to the other Lightgliders.

Glide On!


Things to Think About

Read Romans 12:10 in the Bible. How do you take delight in honoring others?

• Why does everyone deserve respect?

• What are ways to respect yourself?

• What are ways to show respect to others?

• Who can you pray for who has caused you difficulty?

In-Game Announcements

• PARTY THIS FRIDAY! Did you know that Friday is the 20/20 Vision Party? Let's celebrate together in the Courtyard at 6pm EST/5pm CST! Get exclusive glasses and outfits while you play games with other Lightgliders!

• Watch the Spark video in green called The Goal to Respect, the Prayer video in orange called Forgive One Another, and the LGTV Video in blue called Gliddle Mission: Respect this week to fill up your light bar.

• This week’s Mystery Code is RESPECT. Use it in your profile in Lightglider Academy to receive 25 silver coins!

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Three Goals

January 20, 2020


Three Goals

Hey Lightglider!

Lightgliders live with great purpose because we have three overarching goals that never change: RESPECT, RESCUE, and RESTORE! We respect ourselves and each other at Lightglider Academy. We rescue Gliddles from the clutches of the Machines. And we restore the land from the blight. A goal is something that you are trying to achieve. Setting goals is important because they give us something to strive for! They also help guide how we spend our time. When we set a goal, we commit to think and act in ways that will help us reach it.

By the way, did you notice that there is a Yonders mission in the mobile app this week? Check out the Game of the Week! How many Gliddles can you rescue?

Glide On!


Things to Think About

• Read Philippians 3:12-14 in the Bible. Why does Paul say he wants to reach the end of the race?

• What are goals and why are they important?

• What are the goals of a Lightglider?

• What goals are you pursuing?

In-Game Announcements

• This week’s Mystery Code is GOALS. Use it in your profile in Lightglider Academy to receive a new decoration for your treehouse!

• Try to find Corrigan Hickory Sage at the Academy this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm EST/5pm CST! You’ll know him by his purple name tag. If you find him, he’ll give you a prize!

• Watch the Spark video in green called Lightglider Goals and the Prayer video in orange called Prayer for Wisdom this week to fill up your light bar.

• NEW GAME ALERT! Check out the BRAND NEW Yonders game on the frontpage! We will be releasing Yonders missions in the coming weeks as stand-alone games in the app. Lightgliders everywhere asked for this, and now it is here!

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The Far Greater Story

January 13, 2020


The Far Greater Story

Hey Lightglider!

The goals of a Lightglider are to respect, rescue, and restore. We seek to RESPECT those around us. We go on missions from Lightglider Academy to RESCUE the Gliddles from the clutches of the Machines. And we clear the blight to RESTORE the land to its original beauty, purpose, and goodness. Did you know that this fun gameplay points to a far greater, far more important story? It points to the true story of God’s love for us.

The Bible reveals God as the ultimate respecter, rescuer, and restorer. He RESPECTS us as His image-bearers by creating us with dignity and purpose. He RESCUES us from the grip of our sin and selfishness through the death and resurrection of Jesus. And He promises to RESTORE us and our broken world one day so that we may live forever with Him. This is the Far Greater Story.

Glide On!


Things to Think About

Read Ephesians 5:1-2 in the Bible. What are ways to follow the example of Jesus?

• What is your favorite Bible story about Jesus and what do you learn from it?

• How can we best learn about and imitate God’s love?

• Why is the cross the ultimate example of love?

• What is your favorite family memory and why?

• What would you make sure to bring to a family picnic?

In-Game Announcements

• New GLIDDLE GAME GAB #10 Video -- check it out on the front page! 

• This week’s Mystery Code is STORY. Use it in your profile in Lightglider Academy to receive 50 gold coins!

• On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, you can meet one of the Lightglider Mods, Norman Snowman Cook. He’ll be in the Courtyard at 5:30pm EST/4:30pm CST telling jokes and giving out prizes! 

• Watch the Spark video in green called An Example to Follow and the Prayer video in orange called Why We Love this week to fill up your light bar.

• Be on the lookout for a new game next week! 

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Made to Shine

January 6, 2020


Made to Shine

Hey Lightglider!

We’re so glad you’re here. We - the other Lightglider leaders and me - want you to know that you were MADE TO SHINE! 

God created you uniquely. No one has your unique interests, personality, and talents. To shine means to love God and to love others in the way that only you can. With a lot of darkness in the world, this can feel like a big responsibility. But like a candle in a dark tunnel, even the smallest light can be blinding. If you’ve been to Machine Bunker in the Yonders, you know what I mean!

Jesus is the true light of the world. With Him as our example, we will shine like stars in the heavens and make an impact on the world. Let’s reflect His love and light everywhere we go this year!

Glide On!


In-Game Announcements

• This week’s Mystery Code is SHINE. Use it in your profile in Lightglider Academy to receive a Green Flash Glider!

• On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, you can meet one of the Lightglider Mods, Gertrude Pumpkin Satchel. She’ll be in the Courtyard at 4:30pm EST/3:30pm CST. Join her to hang out, chat, or take a dance break by the Arcade!

• Watch the Spark video in green called Power of Light and the Prayer video in orange called Courage to Shine this week and fill up your light bar.

Things to Think About

Read John 1:1-5 in the Bible. What are all the things we learn about the “Word” in these verses?

• What does it mean to live in God’s light and to share it with the world?

• What do you think it means to shine?

• In what ways could you shine in the darkness?

• How were you uniquely made to love God and love others?

• How could your interests, personality, or talents be used to shine?

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Welcome to Lightgliders

December 29, 2019


Welcome to Lightgliders

Hey there! Welcome to Lightgliders. My name is Kwan, and it’s my job to make sure you’re outfitted, trained, and ready for action. And that starts with you learning just what a Lightglider is!

Lightgliders are defenders of good, a force of kids just like you that shine in the darkness and help out those in need. Right now, the land of Glideon is in need!

For unknown reasons, a mysterious gooey substance called blight is spreading all over the land. At the same time, strange Machines have appeared and are kidnapping lovable creatures called the Gliddles! It’s up to us to clear away the blight and rescue the Gliddles from the Machines!

Being a Lightglider is a purposeful adventure. As you play, you will have opportunities to learn about the greatest adventure of all - to know, grow in, and show God’s love revealed to us in the Bible.

If you are here on a computer, click “Enter Lightglider Academy” to access the full Lightgliders experience. You’ll battle Machines, rescue Gliddles, clear blight, meet other Lightgliders, and much more.  

If you are here on a mobile device, play minigames, watch videos, create postcards, and read messages. As you do, you will build up light to use on your missions to the Yonders! Everything is color-coded, so make sure you learn what the colors mean. Let me try to help!

Everything in Purple is a Game. There are lots of games to play inside Lightgliders.

Everything in Green is a Spark. These are short video stories that help us learn an important lesson from the Bible.

Everything in Orange is a Prayer. These are short prayer videos to do on your own or with a family member. 

Everything in Pink is a Postcard. Customize these and send them to your friends!

Everything in Red is a Message. These are articles about Lightgliders gameplay, the weekly lessons, Bible studies, and more. (Fun fact: You are currently reading one!)

Everything in Blue is LGTV.  These are gameplay videos to encourage learning and laughter. 

In time, you’ll learn more than just skills for battle and adventure. You’ll learn about the Far Greater Story found in the Bible, the story about the God who loves you more than you could possibly imagine.  As Lightgliders, we seek to RESPECT, RESCUE, and RESTORE every day because that is what God has done and is doing for us, in us, and through us.  You were made to use what He has given you to help a world in need.  You were made to shine!  

Welcome to Lightgliders! Let’s glide! 

Glide On!


P.S. If you make it into Lightglider Academy, you will find me in the Innovation Lab!

In-Game Announcements

• If you haven’t already, visit Lightglider Academy on a computer and meet Tambika in the Courtyard to get your first mission.

• Check out the Game of the Week Glider Training to get a leg up in your Yonders Missions! Each Lightglider on the leaderboard this Saturday gets a prize!

• Watch the Spark video in green called Being a Lightglider and the Prayer video in orange called Hear my Prayer.

• Decorate a sticker page, save it by pressing the top-right button, and send it to to receive some prizes!

• Use this week’s Mystery Code in your profile in Lightglider Academy - LIGHTGLIDERS - to receive 50 Gold Coins! 

Read Matthew 5:14-16 in the Bible. What does the Scripture say shines out for all to see?

Things to Think About

• In what ways did you shine today?

• What are you most looking forward to this week? 

• What is on your heart to pray about?

• What does it mean to rescue something?

• What does it mean to put others before yourself?

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Game News: Dec. 23-Dec. 29

December 23, 2019

Gliddle Announcements

• Bryce has a game tip for you below! Clear his first bunker level and get to the Flooded Bunker!

• Did you know that the Academy has a secret passageway that only a few Lightgliders have found? Hint: It’s accessed through the Library. 

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - CHRISTMAS - to receive a Christmas Tree! 

• Merry Christmas from all the Gliddles!!! 

Game Tips!

Flooded Bunker

Bryce here! Good job in the previous Bunker! You’re becoming a tremendous Lightglider. I have another mission for you. We’ve found another Bunker that creates Machines, this time underneath the big lake in the Yonders. The Machines there will be alerted to your presence, so stay sharp! Remember, different Gliddles are better at battling some Machines than others, so pay attention to the colors of the Machines and your Gliddles! Right-click to swap your active Gliddle!

Orange Gliddles are better in one-on-one battles…

...and Yellow Gliddles are great for taking on a crowd!

We’ve found strange energy signatures from the cell blocks! Could there be something hidden inside? 

You got this, but stay alert! Our sensors show there might be a giant Machine in there…

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December 22, 2019

Theme This Week: CHRISTMAS

Read the passages from the Bible below as a family.

Read Luke 2:1-15

“Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others - the armies of heaven - praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.’” - Luke 2:13-14 (NLT)

• Why is Jesus’ birth such good news?

• How did the shepherds respond after they saw the angels praising God?

Read Luke 2:16-21

“After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child.” - Luke 2:17 (NLT)

• What friends need to hear the good news of Christmas?

Here are some activities for you to do and questions to reflect upon this week in Lightgliders. Do these by yourself or with a family member!


• Watch the Spark video in green called Christmas.

• Why do you celebrate Christmas?


• Read Game News in red to see what’s happening inside Lightglider Academy this week.

• What are you looking forward to this Christmas?


• Watch the Prayer video in orange called Christmas Prayer.

• Ask God for ideas for ways to celebrate Jesus.


• Compete in the Game of the Week in purple called Machine Blitz. Take turns as a family competing with one another for the high score!

• Does your family have any Christmas traditions?


• Check out this week’s LGTV video, a new Gliddle Game Gab!

• What is the meaning of Christmas?


• Read the full Christmas story found in Luke 2:1-21 in the Bible. 

• How can we “celebrate” Christmas all year long?

Glide On!


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