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May 4, 2020

MAY 4 - MAY 10


Hey Lightgliders! 

My name is Nisha. I am one of the “quieter” Lightgliders. You may not notice me and I don’t mind that at all. You can make a powerful impact on the world without anyone ever knowing your name!

I was born and raised in India. Being the oldest of seven kids, I had a lot of responsibility with my brothers and sisters. They needed me to be consistent and caring. Do you have siblings? Having little brothers and sisters has taught me a lot about what it means to give without expecting much in return. I came to Lightglider Academy a bit nervous. There were so many big personalities and talented people here. Bryce is courageous. Tambika leads the Academy. Marlon is a genius. I didn’t know what I had to offer, so I just looked for ways to serve. I helped Bryce plan out Yonders missions in Mission Control. I assisted Kwan as he created new tech in the Innovation Lab. I worked with Tambika to organize new Treehouses for the Gliddles. One day Tova thanked me for doing the little things that seemed to go unnoticed. She said that these were the things that helped others be effective.

I guess I am learning that the little things make a big difference. It brings me joy to serve. Putting the needs of others before my own helps me to be humble and encourage others all at the same time!

Glide On!


Things to Do This Week:

• Play the BRAND NEW Game of the Week, Entryway, and get on the leaderboard! The top 5 Lightgliders on Saturday morning get a special surprise added to their inventory!


• Watch the Sparks and Prayers on the FrontPage

Nisha’s Story

Love is Patient & Kind


• Decorate Nisha’s sticker page!

Nisha: Service 

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - NISHA - to receive 3 Lilies!

Things to Think About This Week: 

Read Mark 10:43 in the Bible. According to this verse, what makes the people of God different?

• Who do you know that is quiet and wise?

• What does it mean to show hospitality?

• In what ways might you serve those around you today?

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April 27, 2020

APRIL 27 - May 3


Hey Lightgliders! 

Hi, I’m Kwan. I was born and raised in South Korea. I have always been curious and inventive. And I like to work behind the scenes. My biggest passion at Lightglider Academy is to figure out the blight problem. That dark ooze is destroying the land and taking away its beauty and purpose. Have you seen it yet on one of your missions? Thankfully, we can use our light to clear the blight. But, I want to find a permanent solution. That is my goal.

I usually hang out in the Innovation Lab. Feel free to come visit me there. I work closely with the Gliddles to invent things that can help -- better gliders, new technologies, stuff like that. To solve problems, we need to be creative and we need to work together!

I don’t like to be the center of attention but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a powerful impact on the world. I work behind the scenes to help Tambika run the Academy, assist Bryce on missions, and support each Lightglider in the mission to Respect, Rescue and Restore. I have discovered ways to use my unique gifts to help others. I’ve learned that a great way to develop friendships is to be a friend to others and to look for ways to serve them. 

Glide On!


Things to Do This Week:

• Play the Game of the Week, Gliddle Millionaire, and get on the leaderboard! The top 5 Lightgliders on Saturday morning get a Lab Outfit added to their inventory!

Gliddle Millionaire

• Watch the Sparks and Prayers on the FrontPage

Kwan’s Story

Fruit of the Spirit


• Decorate Kwan’s sticker page!

Kwan: Friendship 

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - KWAN - to receive 5 Blue Gems!

Things to Think About This Week: 

• Read Galatians 5:13 in the Bible. How should we use the freedom that God has given us?

• What does it mean to “work behind the scenes?”

• Who is a good example of someone who leads with humility?

• Who needs your support and encouragement today?

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April 20, 2020



Hey Lightgliders! 

Jabari yako rafiki! That means ‘How are you my friend?’ in Swahili. I’m Tambika. I manage Lightglider Academy while the Professor is away. Running this place isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. I get to meet all the new Lightgliders when they arrive in the Courtyard. That is a fun part of my job! I even get to send you on your first mission to the Yonders.

I was born and raised in Tanzania. Do you know where that is? It is a beautiful country in Africa. Growing up, I always looked for leadership positions in my school and community. I love to serve others through organization. I love plans. I love calendars. I love details. And, all of these things are important at Lightglider Academy. Otherwise, everything would be more chaotic than it already is!

My desire is for you to look for opportunities to be a servant leader. We need people in this world with all types of gifts and talents. No matter how you are gifted, always remember that above all else, being a leader means serving others first.

Glide On!


Things to Do This Week:

• Play the BRAND NEW Game of the Week, Low-RES Rescue, and get on the leaderboard!

Low-RES Rescue

• Watch the Sparks and Prayers on the FrontPage

Tambika’s Story

Following God


• Watch this week’s new Gliddle Game Gab #13!

Gliddle Game Gab #13

• On Friday at 6pm EST/5pm CST, we'll be gathering in Lightglider Academy for a April Showers Party! Meet in the Courtyard and receive a new hat!

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - TAMBIKA - to receive 50 Bronze Coins!

Things to Think About This Week: 

Read Romans 12:6-8 in the Bible. What gifts do you believe God has given you?

• What does it mean to be a leader by first becoming a servant?

• In what ways could you be a servant leader?

• What are your gifts and talents and how can you use them to serve others?

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April 13, 2020



Hey Lightgliders! 

I’m Bryce, one of the leaders at Lightglider Academy! The Professor asked me to tell you a little about myself and to share with you one of my character qualities that stands out. Well, I’m from Australia. I am passionate about doing courageous things, such as going on missions to the Yonders, shining light in the darkness, or sharing truth with my friends. I’m not afraid to go and make an impact. Living for something greater than ourselves is the secret to living a life of purpose. But, it’s not always easy.

That is why I would say that one of my most admirable character qualities is perseverance. That’s a big word that simply means to “keep on.” I seek to persevere no matter how hard things get to complete whatever goal or task I’m given. I don’t even think about quitting. 

If you seek to learn new things and to make a difference in the lives of others, you will have to persevere. You will have to “keep on” in the midst of challenges.  What is going on in your life right now that requires perseverance?  I encourage you to keep on!

Glide On!


Things to Do This Week:

• Play the Game of the Week, Gliddle Colors, and get on the leaderboard!

Gliddle Colors

• Watch the Sparks and Prayers on the FrontPage

Bryce’s Story


Love Is Not Rude

• Watch the LGTV episode, Gliddle Mission: Rescue!

LGTV Gliddle Mission

• Hang out with other Lightgliders in the Academy this week. Look for a moderator every weekday at 5pm EST in the Courtyard! Check your time zones. 

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - BRYCE - to receive 3 Red Rubies!

Things to Think About This Week: 

Read Mark 16:15 in the Bible. What does it mean to “preach the Good News to everyone”?

• What meaningful moments has God used in your life?

• In what ways could you be more loving?

• What does it mean to live for something greater than yourself?

• What are you doing right now that requires you to persevere?

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Marlon Investigates Easter

April 10, 2020

Did you know that you are a person of faith, whether you think of yourself as “religious” or not? We all are actually.

We all adhere to a set of beliefs about reality that we cannot prove. And these beliefs impact our values, our ethics, and even our sense of purpose. They affect how we engage the world.

There are people with all kinds of beliefs that cannot be proven. There are people whose beliefs are greatly influenced by their friends. There are people whose beliefs change over time. There are people who have beliefs, but never stop to identify what they are or why they have them. 

I have a confession to make. I have been all of these people at one point or another. That is why I am so thankful that the first goal of a Lightglider is respect. We are all on a journey, and we want to respect each other no matter where we are on that journey. 

I want to tell you what happened to me that solidified my beliefs. 

Years ago at Lightglider Academy, Professor Watts said to me, “Marlon, how do you know that your life matters?” 

I had to think. “I’m not really sure Professor, but I know it does. My parents tell me I’m special all the time. I feel it in my heart. And I hear it here at Lightglider Academy. I mean, purpose is one of our core values.” 

Then the Professor asked me the question that changed my life. “But, Marlon, how do you know that it is true?” 

I didn’t have an answer, at least not one that was solid. “Ok, Professor, you got me. I guess I don’t really know why my life matters.”

Then I decided to challenge him. “But, Professor, do I have to have a reason?  Why can’t I just believe that my life is valuable because I feel it in my heart, and that be enough?”

The Professor looked at me with sadness in his eyes.  “Marlon, you can try to do that. Many people do. Your feelings are very important and you should listen to what they are trying to tell you. But, your feelings come and go. What will happen on the day that you begin to feel insignificant? What if that day turns into weeks or months?” 

“Professor,” I muttered, “are you saying that my life is insignificant?” 

“Absolutely not, Marlon!” There was no sadness in the Professor’s voice this time, rather a fiery passion. “You are valuable. You are loved. You are significant. You matter!”

I admit, it felt good to hear this from someone I admire so much, but I had to ask my new favorite question. “Professor, how do you know this to be true?”

Professor Watts smiled and said, “Easter.”

Now I was truly confused, but also curious. “Easter! I don’t understand. Are you talking about the holiday where we look for eggs?”

He laughed. “I am. It is also the holiday where we celebrate the most important event that ever happened --the resurrection of Jesus. If this happened, then your sense of value, purpose, and significance rests upon truth.”

Once again, I was confused. “Professor, I don’t understand. How does that event affect my sense of purpose? And, if it does, how can I know that it actually happened?”

And the Professor said to me, “Marlon, investigate Easter and you’ll see.”

I left my conversation with Professor Watts not knowing exactly what to do. I mean, how do I investigate an event that happened 2,000 years ago?  And how could it affect my sense of purpose?  The only thing I knew to do was to look at Jesus; what he did, what he said, and what others said about him. I went to the Lightglider Academy Library to begin my investigation.

And here are some of the things that I found out:

1. Jesus is one of the most influential people in the history of the world.

As I studied his influence on the last 2,000 years, I could not help but conclude that Jesus of Nazareth has had and continues to have a huge impact on the world. Yet, when he was crucified, he did not have but 100 or so followers. And many of these deserted him when he was arrested. 

2. Jesus made bold claims about himself and his role in the world.  

Jesus claimed to be God and the Savior of the world. And he did it many times. Just look at a few of his quotes.

• “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

• “I and the Father are one.” John 10:30

• “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

Claiming to be God is flat out crazy (unless it’s true). But, Jesus is the only person in history who claimed to be God AND has had a major impact on the world.

3. The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity. 

The claim that Jesus died on a cross and three days later was resurrected back to life is the event upon which Christianity rests. If it is true, it validates his teachings, his claim to be God, and his authority to call us to believe in him and receive eternal life.  If it is false, it is the most impactful hoax, whether intended or not, in all of human history. 

4. There is strong evidence that the resurrection of Jesus actually happened. 

Like any investigation, we have to look at the facts. The following events are considered knowable history by virtually all scholars:

• Jesus was a man who lived in the 1st century and claimed to be God, the promised Messiah.

• People who heard Jesus speak saw him do things that appeared to be miracles.

• Jesus convinced many of his disciples that he was God.

• Jesus died due to the rigors of Roman crucifixion and was buried.

• His death caused his disciples to despair and lose hope.

• Jesus was buried in a tomb that was discovered to be empty just a few days later.

• The disciples and others had overwhelmingly real experiences that they believed were literal appearances of the risen Jesus.

• Because of these experiences, the disciples were transformed from doubters afraid to identify themselves with Jesus to bold proclaimers of his death and resurrection.

• Many of these disciples were killed proclaiming their belief in the message of Jesus’ divinity, death, and resurrection.

As I looked at this evidence, I could not help but think about Jesus’ disciples. The very ones who deserted him at his death actually spent the rest of their lives proclaiming his resurrection. Many of them were even killed for it. Why would they do that if they did not see a risen Jesus? That doesn’t make any sense.

5. If the resurrection happened, then our lives are EXTREMELY valuable.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is evidence that my life is significant. Yours too. If the resurrection is true, then it is proof that I need a savior, that I need to be rescued from my sins. If God cared about me so much that he sent Jesus to die for me, then I am truly valuable. It cost God A LOT to love me. He paid for my life with the blood of Jesus. And the resurrection is the evidence that this story is true.

I am loved. My life is extremely valuable. This is something I need to remember whether I feel it or not. My feelings come and go, but the resurrection proves that I matter. This goes for you too!

Happy Easter, everybody!  And thank you, Jesus!

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April 6, 2020



Happy Easter Week Lightgliders! 

In Lightglider Academy, we go on rescue missions into the Yonders every day. But at Easter, we are reminded of the greatest rescue mission of all time. Even before the world was created, God had a plan to rescue us from sin and brokenness. That plan was and is Jesus. At the cross, Jesus gave up His life knowing that only His blood could pay the penalty of our sins. And on Easter Sunday, God raised Jesus back to life. He is alive! This event is what Easter is all about. Let’s celebrate what He has done for us!

Glide On!


Things to Do This Week:

• Play the BRAND NEW game, River Journey, and get on the leaderboard!

River Journey

• Watch the Sparks and Prayers on the FrontPage

Easter Spark


The Cross Spark

 Easter Prayer


• Decorate the Easter Sticker Page and send it to a friend to brighten up their week!

Easter Sticker Page

• Hang out with other Lightgliders in the Academy this week. Look for a moderator every weekday at 5pm EST in the Courtyard! Check your time zones. 

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - EASTER - to receive a Gold Glider!

Things to Think About This Week: 

Read Luke 24:1-7 in the Bible. Why is the resurrection so important?

• How does your family celebrate Easter?

• What miracle happened at Easter?

• Why is the cross so important?

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Role Models

March 30, 2020


Role Models

Hey Lightgliders! 

Congratulations on learning the five values of a Lightgliders -- purpose, humility, confidence, hope, and love. I get the distinct privilege of introducing our new series for the coming weeks. We will be talking about Role Models and the positive character qualities that they possess.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t a role model just really good-looking bread?” And to that I say, “No, that’s a roll model.”  Wow, I just got really hungry.  

A role model is someone you can look up to! He or she serves as an example to you for how to live, how to treat people, and how to grow in your faith. I can’t tell you how important it is to have good role models!  One of my first role models ever was Marlon, who hangs out in the Academy Library.  Marlon cares about me and shows me what it looks like to walk with God. Who are some of your role models? It could be a parent, an older sibling, or perhaps a leader in your church. I encourage you to find someone you look up to, watch how to live their lives, and ask them lots of questions. And remember to listen to their answers!

Glide On!


Things to Think About

• Read Hebrews 13:7 in the Bible. Name two people who have taught you about God. What did you learn from them?

• Who do you look up to?

• Who looks up to you?

• How can you be a role model for others?

In-Game Announcements

• Use Lightglider Academy as a place to hang out with friends this week. Look for a moderator inside the Academy each weekday at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm EST and get a prize. Check your time zones!

• Don’t miss a brand new Gliddle Game Gab this week! Ethel and Clem will take you on a wacky adventure through the Yonders mission Sludge Valley in Gliddle Game Gab #12! 

• Watch the Spark video in green called What does it mean to Shine? and the Prayer video in orange called Prayer for Strength.

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - MODEL - to receive 50 Gold Coins!

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March 23, 2020



Hey Lightgliders! 

As Lightgliders, we seek to respect others, rescue Gliddles, and restore the land of Glideon! Hopefully, you know that by now. But do you know why we do these things? Because we value love here. Love motivates each of these goals. We want it to motivate everything we do in life. That’s why it is one of our core values. When we love, we put the needs of others ahead of our own. Unfortunately, our selfishness will continue to try to rule our thoughts and motivations, so we need to be continually reminded to love. The best reminder for me to love is to remember what Jesus did on the cross. He did that for me. And because He chose to love me when I didn’t deserve it, I remember to be grateful and am motivated to love others. 

What does it look like to love the people in your life?  Do you offer words of encouragement? Do you serve, give gifts, write notes, smile, hug, share, or listen? There are lots of ways to love others. Love energizes any atmosphere.

Glide On!


Things to Think About

• Read John 13:34-35 in the Bible. What will our love do to the world?

• Why can it be difficult to love?

• What does love look like to you?

• Who has God given you to love?

• What is one way you will put the needs of others in front of your own this week?

In-Game Announcements

• This Friday at 6pm EST/5pm CST, we'll be gathering in Lightglider Academy for a Spring Break Dance Party!

• Use Lightglider Academy as a place to hang out with friends this week. Look for a moderator inside the Academy each weekday at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm EST and get a prize. Check your time zones!

• Compete in this week’s Game of the Week, Forest Defense. Every Lightglider on the leaderboard this Saturday morning receives a pirate hat! Aarrgggg!

• Watch the Spark video in green called The Value of Love and the Prayer video in orange called Strength to Love.

• Use this week’s Mystery Code - LOVE - to receive 5 Green Emeralds!

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Free Resource from Lightgliders

March 20, 2020

To our Lightglider families and community,

We have a free resource for you and your kids.

It is likely that you and your family have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 in one form or another. Schools, businesses, and even churches have been forced to close their doors. I can't remember a time quite like this. Yet, it is not a coincidence that our theme inside of Lightgliders this week is HOPE. No matter how difficult our present day circumstances are, we have hope for the future because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

Recognizing that many of you are at home throughout the week with your kids for the unforeseeable future, our team at Lightgliders has developed a resource that may help as you look for positive ways to spend the time. We call it "Biblical Breaks."

Lightglider Biblical Breaks
While you are looking for things for your kids to do, check out our free resource, Lightglider Biblical BreaksPurposeful Play When You Need It.

Just visit Lightglider Biblical Breaks and choose from a collection of games and devotional activities to give your kids something fun to do while they encounter life-changing truths from the Bible. You can even download and print application guides, so that your kids may engage in deeper learning or conversation.

As I said on Facebook Live this week, during this time we want to bepractical, prayerful, and full of praise. We want to offer practical resources for you and your family, to beprayerful for our community and world, and to be full of praise knowing that God is still in control of the world He created.

Please feel free to share Lightglider Biblical Breaks with your friends, family, and community. We want this resource to be widely available in the coming days.

"Never stop praying!" ~ I Thessalonians 5:17

All the best,

Zach Fay
Creator of Lightgliders

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March 16, 2020



Hey Lightgliders! 

This week our theme is hope. It’s a small word with a big impact. To live with hope means to look to the future with the expectation that good things are coming.  

This is tough to do sometimes, especially if things around us are tough. But, with our faith in Jesus, we always have a reason to live with hope. God promises eternal life and a fully restored world in which we’ll live. He will make everything right again some day. The future is secure. Therefore, we can live with hope!

And, trust me on this, hope is invigorating. It is electrifying. It is powerful! When we live with hope, we will share it with others. And, like a spark, the fire of hope spreads and the future begins to look brighter and brighter to those around you. Think of the Gliddles in the Yonders. Just knowing that Lightgliders are out there gives them hope that the future will be bright. This is the power of hope. 

I try to wake up each day with hope--with the expectation that the day will be new, exciting, and meaningful. I'm telling you, living with hope makes a difference!

Glide On!


Things to Think About

• Read 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 in the Bible. According to these verses, what does Jesus give us?

• How can you spread hope to others?

• What do you hope for in life?

• What does it look like to have hope in hard times?

• How does Jesus’ love for us give us hope?

In-Game Announcements

• Compete in this week’s BRAND NEW Game of the Week, Blight Blocks. Every Lightglider on the leaderboard this Saturday morning receives a prize!

• Watch the Spark video in green called The Value of Hope and the Prayer video in orange called Hope in Hard Times.

• Do you know there are Sticker Pages for you to decorate?! Open the one of the front page or scroll down and find your favorite. Decorate it and send it to us at You may need an adult to help you send it, but YOUR PAGE could be featured in the Glider Gazette! Check out the Academy Field sticker page and decorate today!

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