Get Started

Learn how to get started using Lightgliders with the kids you care about.

SET UP your account

1. Join Lightgliders to GET STARTED

Go to on any Internet-connected device and click “Sign Up.” Follow the steps to create and activate your account. You will need a working email and a password that you will remember.

2. Set up your child profile(s) so your kids can BEGIN

This is the final step of the account setup process. Once your account is activated and you are logged in using your email and password, you can create your child profile(s). Choose a username and password that your child will remember!

PLAY on mobile devices and computers

3. Download the Lightgliders app and login to PLAY

Download the Lightgliders app from the iOS or Google Play app stores to your mobile devices. Your kids can log in using the username and password of their child profile to begin playing. Or to access Lightgliders and manage your account, you can log in using the email and password you used when you joined.

4. Login to Lightgliders from a computer to PLAY

Lightgliders includes a flagship multiplayer online computer game called Lightglider Academy that is only available on computers. A child or parent can login from a computer by visiting the Lightgliders website and clicking “Login.”

Lightglider Academy requires the Flash plugin. To activate this safe plugin, right-click and select “Enable Flash” to play.

When you enter Lightglider Academy for the first time, you will go on your first Lightglider mission, called Machine Escape. After you complete this mission, you will be in the courtyard of Lightglider Academy, where you can decide what to do next: customize your character, explore the Academy, decorate your Treehouse, chat with other Lightgliders, or go on another mission!

5. Explore the Lightgliders story and gameplay

Login to Lightgliders and scroll down to the Lightglider Academy Tutorials to learn the gameplay mechanics!

To learn more about the Lightgliders story and gameplay, view the Lightgliders Training Manual PDF!

For quick step-by-step instructions on how to begin playing Lightgliders on a computer or on a mobile device, view the Lightgliders Game Manual PDF!

LEARN how Lightgliders encourages faith and fun

6. Learn how to use Lightgliders to encourage Christian faith and fun throughout the week!

Every week inside Lightgliders there are new Bible-based themes, Scriptures, videos, and lessons being discussed and explored. Watch below to learn how to use the weekly content to spark meaningful conversations with your kids.

7. Look for (and use) your weekly Table Talk email

Each week, Lightgliders will send you an email called "Table Talk." In it, you will find meaningful conversation starters to support the weekly theme, Scripture, and lessons being discussed in Lightgliders. Use these with your kids at the dinner table, before bed, or during car rides... really whenever an opportunity presents itself!

8. Go deeper into the Lightgliders teaching and weekly curriculum

For quick step-by-step instructions on how to begin using Lightgliders with your kids, view the Parent Quick-Start Guide PDF!

For more information on how the Lightgliders story teaches a biblical worldview, view the Lightgliders Story Manual PDF!

To follow along with the weekly curriculum inside Lightgliders, view the Lightgliders Conversations Calendar PDF or visit the Glider Gazette!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ Page to learn more about Lightgliders!