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Learn how to get started using Lightgliders with the kids you care about.

SET UP your account

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1. Join Lightgliders to GET STARTED

Go to and click “Sign Up.” Follow the on-screen steps to select your account type. When prompted, enter your email address and choose a password to create your account.

Click the sign up button
Create a child profile for your kids

2. SET UP your child profile(s)

Once your account is created, you’ll be prompted to create your first child profile. Choose a username and password that your child will remember! Once you create a child profile (or multiple child profiles if you have a family or group account), STOP! The next step in the onboarding process is for your child to do. However, you should first make sure that you have Lightgliders downloaded onto all of your child’s devices.

3. DOWNLOAD the Lightgliders app on all your devices

Once you sign up, you can download the Lightgliders app on all your kids' devices.

Your kids can log in using their username and password to begin playing. If you want to manage your account, log in with your own email and password.

Download the Lightgliders apps to your devices

PLAY on mobile devices and computers

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4. HAVE your kids log in

Have your child log in on their device using the username and password you set up for them in Step 2. Once your kids have logged in on their device, they will be guided through Lightglider Training – they will create their own character, come up with a Lightglider name, go on their first mission, and learn how to play! Find the red Gliddle in the Courtyard anytime to revisit Lightglider Training, learn more about how to play, and get ideas for what to do next. In addition, join us at the New Player Tour any Tuesday at 4pm EST! Our moderators will be happy to welcome your kids and give them a tour of Glideon!

Play the Lightgliders tutorial
Explore Lightgliders

5. EXPLORE the Lightgliders world of games and activities

After completing Lightglider Training, your kids will enter Lightglider Academy, our virtual world of games and community. Here, kids can customize their character and Treehouse, discover activity hubs with games and videos, attend events, and socialize with friends using our safe chat feature. Use the side-bar menu to navigate to other parts of the Lightgliders app, including “This Week in Lightgliders,” which showcases the weekly theme, Scripture verse, and activities. Or select “Faith & Fun” to access our library of hundreds of games, videos, and activities!

6. DISCOVER the Lightgliders story and gameplay

As you play Lightgliders, you will learn that you have entered into a story where you are tasked to respect, rescue, and restore. To learn more about the Lightgliders characters, story, and gameplay, check out the Lightgliders Training Manual.

Check out the Training Manual

LEARN how Lightgliders encourages faith and fun

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7. KNOW how to use Lightgliders to encourage Christian faith and fun throughout the week

Every week inside Lightgliders there are new Bible-based themes, Scriptures, and activities, being discussed and explored. They are found in the “This Week” section of the Lightgliders menu. Review these weekly themes and activities with your kids to spark meaningful reflection and conversation.

View the Front Page for Biblical contentUse the videos and blogs to teach your kids

8. REVIEW your parent email each week

Every Monday you will receive an email overview of the week’s theme and highlighted activities. You will find meaningful conversation starters to support the weekly theme, Scripture, and activities being spotlighted and discussed in Lightgliders. Use these with your kids at the dinner table, before bed, or during car rides… really whenever an opportunity presents itself!

Check your email for the weekly Table Talk

9. EMBRACE the Far Greater Story

Lightgliders is a story-based virtual world of games and weekly activities designed to engage kids and to encourage opportunities to learn about the Far Greater Story, which is the true story of God’s love for us found in the Bible. To learn more about how Lightgliders does this on a weekly basis, review the Lightgliders Calendar, visit the Glider Gazette, and download the Lightgliders Story Guide. It is our hope that Lightgliders encourages opportunities for family discipleship in a way that helps kids know, grow in, and show God’s love.

Read the Parent Guides for more info

The Lightgliders Promise

If you and your kids engage with Lightgliders for one year, you will have received:

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ Page to learn more about Lightgliders!