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Redeem Screentime and Encourage Engaging Children's Ministry

Lightgliders is a world of Christian games and community for kids


Weekly Bible-Based Lessons
to Create Meaningful Conversations

Lightgliders is a fun digital world filled with games, videos, and weekly activities designed to teach a biblical worldview, encourage prayer, provide vision for service, and spark meaningful conversation and reflection. Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones, Lightgliders can be used to help you teach, connect with, and encourage the kids in your group when you are all together or when you are apart. Kids love creating their character, playing games, going on missions, and connecting in this safe online environment. Parents love that it is ad-free and filled with helpful resources for faith-based learning and family discipleship.

Lightgliders is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones

Connect with your kids and provide engaging
children's ministry throughout the week!


What Lightgliders Teaches

Follow a weekly calendar of themes, Scriptures, and reflection questions about these truths:

Biblical Principles

Help your kids understand how the Bible's story of God’s love answers life’s biggest questions and encourages positive values.







Positive Values

Learn how a biblical worldview centered upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ encourages the five Lightglider values.






How group leaders are using Lightgliders:

Family Recommendations

Promote Lightgliders to the families in your organization! The purchase decision is completely up to the family.

Group Family Licenses

Purchase for the kids in your organization to use at home with their families! Encourage meaningful touchpoints between Sundays.

Group Leader Licenses

Purchase Lightgliders to use with your group! Weekly Bible-based lessons and fun gameplay make it easy for you to engage with your kids.

What group leaders are saying about Lightgliders:

"[Lightgliders] keeps kids' attention as they are all about technology and games ... [I like] the short lessons."

—Debbie Gross,
Leader, NBCC Kids

"Low-prep and Gospel-centered!"

—Elizabeth Holman,
Director, Crossover Kids

"Lightgliders is another amazing resource that we have to really prepare this next generation in a way that is honoring to the Lord."

—John Murray,
Head of School, Brookstone Schools

Still not sure the best way to use Lightgliders with your group? We can help!


What's Included?

For Kids
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Fun Positive Games
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Multiplayer World and Community
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Character Creation and Customization
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Group Bible Studies and Hangouts
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Accessible on Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones
For Group Leaders
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Christ-Centered Curriculum
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Low-Prep Weekly Lessons
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Safe, Ad-Free Games and Activities
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Connection Points Throughout the Week
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Redemptive Screentime

Safe Gameplay for Kids

Certified Family Friendly on Google PlayRated E for Everyone by the ESRBLightgliders on CBN


Lightgliders 2022 Biblical Worldview Lessons

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