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A Digital World of Faith, Fun, and Games for Ages 6-12

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Weekly Bible-Based Lessons
to Create Meaningful Conversations

There are new lessons inside of Lightgliders every week. Each week has its own set of activities that support a biblical principle or positive value. These activities include devotional videos, guided prayers, Bible studies, and reflection questions. Families are encouraged to review them together.

Lightgliders was created
to impact kids in a way they'll love!

Try 7 days free, then $5.95/mo. Cancel anytime.

What Lightgliders Teaches

Follow a weekly calendar of themes, Scriptures, and reflection questions about these truths:

Biblical Principles

Help your kids understand how the Bible's story of God’s love answers life’s biggest questions and encourages positive values.






Positive Values

Learn how a biblical worldview centered upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ encourages the five Lightglider values.






What kids are saying about Lightgliders:

"Some of the things I do in Lightgliders, I start to do in real life... I learn about God more and start to do those things I learn."

—John, age 8

"Even though it doesn't look like we're spending time with God, we actually are."

—Kylie, age 9

"The missions are really fun. As I play, I can't help but keep God in mind."

—Jeffrey, age 11

What parents are saying about Lightgliders:

"Lightgliders allows my kids to engage in the digital world, while teaching bigger, better, positive, Christ-like lessons. And, for a dad, that's incredible; it's a game-changer."

—Chris, father of 3

"I have five kids ages 5 to 12. We are constantly having to fight against the culture so that our kids are healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We allow our kids to play Lightgliders because it is positive. They love it, and I love that I can leave them to play and not have to worry!"

—Tiffany, mother of 5

"My kids hear the word of God and they enjoy playing the challenges and the games without any issue. It's great for our family!"

—Allison, mother of 2

Lightgliders was created
to impact kids in a way they'll love!

Try 7 days free, then $5.95/mo. Cancel anytime.

What's Included?

For Kids
Lightglider Academy Multiplayer Computer Game and Community
Hang Out with Friends, Attend Special Events, and Go On Missions
Customize Your Own Character and Treehouse
Lightgliders Mobile App of Games and Adventures
Tons of Fun Minigames, Videos, and Interactive Activities
For Adults
Resources for Meaningful Conversations about Faith and Values
Safe, Ad-Free Games for Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones
Weekly Updates Sharing Helpful Lessons and Game Activities

Safe Gameplay for Kids

Start Your Free Week

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Up to Five



Have questions? We can answer them!

1. What is Lightgliders?

Lightgliders is a digital world of Christian faith, fun, and games available on phones,
tablets, and computers.

2. What age group is Lightgliders best for?

The research shows that beliefs and values are solidified before the teenage years. Lightgliders was designed with kids ages 6 to 12 in mind.

3. Is Lightgliders only for Christians?

Families and groups benefit from Lightgliders for a variety of reasons. Some are just looking for a safe, ad-free digital alternative for their kids. Lightgliders is best for families and groups that are interested in using digital playtime to encourage Christian faith and positive values.

4. How do I play Lightgliders?

  • From a computer, visit and (members) click Login
    or (non-members) click Sign Up to start a free trial.
  • From a mobile device, download the Lightgliders app from the Google Play store
    or from the App Store and login.
  • Kids—Check out the Lightgliders User Guide for tips on how to play the mobile app
    & computer game!
  • Parents, Grandparents and Leaders—Check out the Get Started Page to see step-by-step instructions for setting up and managing your Lightgliders account, as well as tips for getting the most out of your Lightgliders membership.

5. Can I download Lightgliders to multiple devices without buying multiple subscriptions?

It does not cost extra to have Lightgliders on multiple devices. Lightgliders is cross-platform, which means that you can login using the same email address and password on multiple devices. Simply login using the same email address and password (username/password for kids) that you used to create your account and you can access Lightgliders from all of your iOS or Android devices!

6. How do I create a Lightliders account?

Go to and click Sign Up to get started. Then choose the membership plan that is best for you. Simply enter your email address and choose a password to create your account!

7. Do I need a separate membership for each of my kids/grandkids?

No, but you will want to create a separate child profile for each kid that will be playing Lightgliders. Family memberships are great for this because they allow one parent email address to manage up to five child profiles!

8. Can I buy Lightgliders as a gift?

Sure! Gift cards are available for purchase on our website. You can choose to ship the gift card directly to yourself or we’ll send it directly to the recipient for you!

Still have questions? Send us an email at