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Rescue the Gliddles, Restore the Land, and Discover God's Love for You!


From Australia, BRYCE was the first Lightglider trained at the Academy. He boldly goes into the Yonders on missions to rescue and restore.


From Tanzania, TAMBIKA sends new Lightgliders on their first mission. She uses her leadership gifts to run the Academy.


From South Korea, KWAN developed the armor used by Lightgliders. Working behind the scenes, he wants to solve the blight problem.


From India, NISHA is the friend everyone wants. She uses her gifts of hospitality to serve others and help them on their missions.


From the United States, MARLON is a warrior scholar. He seeks to find and preserve ancient truth at all costs.


From Honduras, SANTIAGO is the life of the party! He shares joy, beauty, music, and jokes wherever he goes.


From the United Kingdom, TOVA goes on purposeful adventures to help others. Often without a plan, she's not afraid to improvise!


We need YOU to be a Lightglider! An army of Machines is attacking the land of Glideon! Join now and learn how you were made to shine!


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What parents are saying about Lightgliders:

"Lightgliders allows my kids to engage in the digital world, while teaching bigger, better, positive, Christ-like lessons. And, for a dad, that's incredible; it's a game-changer."

—Chris, father of 3

"I have five kids ages 5 to 12. We are constantly having to fight against the culture so that our kids are healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We allow our kids to play Lightgliders because it is positive. They love it, and I love that I can leave them to play and not have to worry!"

—Tiffany, mother of 5

"My kids hear the word of God and they enjoy playing the challenges and the games without any issue. It's great for our family!"

—Allison, mother of 2


Lightglider Adventures #1: Lost in the Yonders

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Take your kids into the world of Lightgliders where young student leaders strive to rescue the Gliddles from the Machines that are invading the land of Glideon.

The Lightglider Adventure Series offers engaging comic book stories that point to biblical truths. It encourages family discussions about the true story of our Creator, who loves us and shows us RESPECT, who sent His Son Jesus to RESCUE us, and who promises to RESTORE this broken world one day.

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